• What Kanuri people do during their weddings
      |   By Abdulhamid Al-Gazali

    Larusa - Kanuri Bride

    ...what happens after a boy and a girl meet
    ...decide to get married.

    In this world, there are as many cultures as can be imagined—each with its distinct features and attributes. This distinctness comes to full glare in the way rituals are conducted. Some cultures are characteristically elaborate and sophisticated in the way rituals such as marriage, circumcision, burial and what have you are conducted; while others are, rightly, simple. A culture is normally, scientifically, as elaborate and sophisticated as its age. Cultures are organic; they continuously evolve and develop new features with new contacts, circumstances, knowledge, technologies and experiences. In this continuous evolutionary processes, where new features emerge, cultures, as they grow, equally ‘drop-off’ some of their (un)important elements—its ‘originality’, technically speaking. In this part of the world, one of the oldest culture—alongside Babur, Shuwa, Marghi—and thus correspondingly, with the richest content, is the *Kanuri.

    Kanuri has a record of over 1, 000 years of documented history. It evolved as a result of series of historical factors and derives from a number of outside and external influences. Granted, it may have had a foreign origin, as argued by some anthropologists and historians over the years, but there is no doubt that it fully emerged or, first, came to historical limelight around the region that extends from Lake Chad in the south, to the Sahara desert and Maghreb-al-Aqsa in the north. It drew from a number of local and outside forces from within the West African region, North Africa and Arabia. There’s no doubt about the place of Islamic and Arabian elements in its content. As in almost all cases, one cultural activity that brings out the distinctiveness of a culture is its wedding—and this is not dissimilar in the case of Kanuri. The sophistication and elaborateness of the Kanuri wedding is hardly beatable even as, with time, a lot of its content has given way. Indeed, over time, many of its content have gone to oblivion such that even those who are grown-up Kanuri will be awed to be reminded of them—and majority will be hearing them for the first. So here is a reminder...
    K3rawo (?), is the Kanuri term for love. In any marriage, it precedes every other activity. And before K3rawo stands, apart from their existence, the boy and the girl have to see somewhere, where, either on first sight or subsequently, one falls for the other. He or she who falls for the other, after so much strong emotional tickling, overbearing thoughts, growing imaginations, wishes and anticipations, initiates the ‘wooing adventure’—to give basis for it to stand. Once success is achieved in the adventure, and K3rawo is established, the next most important thing in the road to marriage is: Kela tulowo..

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