• Shehu of Borno turbans new Zannah Nganzaima
    By Abdulhamid Al-Gazali

    Shettima Mutawali Shettima Bukar, the Shettima Kanuribe of Borno in his residence

    The Shehu of Borno, Alh. Dr. Abubakar Umar Ibn Garbai Al-Amin El-Kanemi, CFR, today 2nd of October, 2016 formally turbans new Zannah Ngamzaima of Borno, Engr. Kabiru Mohammed Wanori, FNSE, FNIEEE, in line with established court rites. The office of Zannah Ngamzaima of Borno has been vacant for many years and the shehu in line with his resolve to revive cultural and traditional institutions appointed Engr. Wanori in August, 2016.

    The office is one of the major offices among the koguna class in the palace. In pre-colonial Borno, the Zannah Ngamzaima is in charge of administering the prison services.

    Alh. Shettima Matawalli Shettima Bukar, the Shettima Kanuribe of Borno, one of the kingmakers responsible for turbaning all palace officials told Yerwa Express News that, ‘the office of Zannah Ngamzaima remains one of the important offices in the palace and belongs to the higher hierarchy of the kogunawa right from pre-colonial times’.

    ‘In view of the role of Kabiru Wanori in humanitarian and communal services, His Eminence the Shehu of Borno decided to add this responsibility and privilege as an encouragement to him’, he further added. Among other things, he noted that the new Zannah Ngamzaima will serve as an advisor to the His Eminence especially on youths, displaced persons and many other areas of importance to the society of Borno. Describing court rituals that is involved in the formal turbanning, the Shettima of Kanuri noted that ‘in addition to decorating him with designated clothing, turban, swords and other delicate objects, his responsibilities will be read out to him’.

    Engr. Kabiru Wanori who was recently conferred with the fellowship of Nigerian Society of Engineering and Nigerian Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer is going to be formally turbaned at the Shehu’s palace today at 10:00 o’clock am.

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Saturday, October 8, 2016 10:10 PM

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    Just get it right
    By Mustapha Modu Bama | October 2, 2016, 12:00 pm

    I write with high sense of joy to congratulate the editorial board of Yerwa Express News and everyone involved in taking this giant stride to be in the midst of thousands in the business of information management and dissemination at a time people of Borno and beyond need it the most. Being the first of its kind in the history of Yerwa (Maiduguri) and the entire north-eastern states, if I have not mistaken, Yerwa Express News should emulate the existing prominent newspaper organisations in the quest of disseminating authentic, reliable and timely news stories in and around Borno state.

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