Boko Haram: What does the future hold for the babies of Sambisa?

By Usman Kundili Bukar

It is a human nature that every individual is brought to this world through a pair of a father and a mother. These two people legitimately become our parents sharing an innumerable amount of love, sacrifice and compassion for each other. Hence, we all take pride in them. However, what happens when these parents are enemies of each other? This is the reality and outcome of the Boko Haram insurgency which has produced babies of Sambisa. These are progenies of terrorists who now after the release of their mothers from captivity are rendered fatherless. So, who fathers these babies for the future?

It is a known fact and on record that Boko Haram over the years have attacked and conquered numerous towns and villages in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states respectively, sweeping along lives, properties and capturing minors (women and children in the process).

As part of their strategy, the insurgents always capture children, women and youths after bringing their town down and tearing it apart which subsequently become their stronghold territories. While some of these captured persons were left and managed in their original lands, others, especially young children, women and youths who were seen as potential soldiers for their evil cause and the women for their sexual pleasures were taken to the then “untouchable and unvincible” enclave of “Sambisa”, the headquarters of Boko Haram as well as one of the most dangerous places on earth.

In Sambisa existed a bizarre fetish lifestyle where captured girls and women who were once wives, daughters and mothers of innocent persons were subjected to forceful marriage by the filty men of Sambisa (Boko Haram) who used them for their lustful and ruthless desires. This ungodly and barbaric act of the devil’s allies have led to many of these women getting pregnant for the vampires of Sambisa who live their life at the expense of human blood. They have through this tried to reproduce another generation of their kind who are foreseen to be future terrorist/insurgents in the making.

Recently, the Nigerian Army as well as the Federal Government has declared “Sambisa” fallen and captured, destroying all Boko Haram camps notable among which is “the almighty Camp Zero” (the epicentre of their operations). This has led to the liberation of thousands of captives mostly women and children who are currently living in the IDP camps across the state. However, among these people are girls and women carrying Boko Haram babies, some in their wombs while others already taking their breath in the same world as their mothers.

While some of these mothers have accepted these babies as their own and are nursing them out of human sympathy and compassion, others hold strong hatred and disgust in their hearts for the same children whom their wombs have bore. This according to them is due to the very manner on which their pregnancies were conceived.

This reality poses a great deal of worry and challenge not only in the minds of the mothers carrying these babies but also the society in which they are now being integrated into. Though some consider these babies as “victims of circumstance” themselves, other people are dismissive of these babies and hold a grudge for them because they never seem to forgive the havoc and mischief carried out by their fathers. As such, it is an inherited “original sin” by those children from their devilish fathers that is regarded as unforgivable.

Going forward, what awaits these babies in the future is unimaginable with the amount of stigmatisation already displayed to their mothers. This also presents a great danger and concern for the future when these babies grow to learn their history. It is a danger and problem which every pondering mind foresees and cannot be tackled at ones except necessary and proactive measures are put in place by the government and all stakeholders involved. Therefore, all efforts and mechanisms should be put in place to control, check and cater for these children whose future looks uncertain and doom.

If this cannot be guaranteed, then a far greater problem awaits us in the future. This is a fact that cannot be neglected. Hence, a responsible government and society would take heed.

...............To be continued.