How Daniel who died intercepting suicide bomber killed his friend in 1999

BY YERWA EXPRESS NEWS | MAY 21, 2017, 12:12 AM

On an inquiry to find out what message the family of Daniel, one of the University of Maiduguri securities who died averting a suicide attack, has for the public and his employer, acquaintances say his death came few weeks to his wedding.

A week to his unceremonious exit, Daniel had sent a delegation of family and friends to propose to a certain girl at Mairi ward of Jere local government.

Though the girl, Happy Midige, could not be reached, her acquaintances told YERWA EXPRESS NEWS (YEN) that she was broken by the passing away of her would-be husband, fainting three times on receipt of the news.

'It was very, very sad but that was a great sacrifice', she was quoted as saying.

36-year old Daniel used to be a tailor before joining the University of Maiduguri security service few years ago.

On what is a real irony, some of Daniel's long-time acquaintances recall that he had also 'mistakenly' killed his friend way back in 1999 because of misunderstanding.

A 67-year old man who pleads anonymity told YEN that 'Daniel had also mistakenly killed his friend, Hassan in 1999'.

He added that 'the two of them were working as tailors'.

'They had a little quarrel earlier on that fateful day. Few hours later they met again and unknown to Hassan, Daniel was still angry with him, even bent on taking revenge'.

'But it was a revenge that went awry, a mistake like no other', another person aware of the incident recalled.

'Daniel stabbed Hassan with a sharp screwdriver at his chest and he bled until he died'.

How Daniel escaped prosecution and dangled into the university's security service until the bomb incident is difficult to tell.

His acquaintances recall that immediately this occured, he fled the state and did not return until over five years later.

'I wonder why nobody took any legal action against him, even though his victim's father was already dead when it occurred', the old man explained.

'But for him to have returned to the same society, survive the stigmatization and other things down to joining the university's security is beyond me', he added.

While others commend his sacrifice, including his would-be wife who was quoted as describing him a hero, others say it was God's way of taking revenge for Hassan.

In any case, the sacrifice he did had succeeded in averting what could have become a major catastrophe.