LETTERS: On local government chairmen


Your Excellency,

I write this letter with all diligence to stir your heart to the plight of our people, even though you are aware of the facts, I will once again record here for the purpose of history and posterity.

Your Excellency, I feel so proud that your determination to make our dear state a reference point for the right reasons has paid off, and everyone now cites Borno under your able leadership as a model of good governance, especially in present times that insecurity in the state is getting much better than before due to the change mantra public policy which makes Borno gradually restoring it's lost glory as the home of peace.

Sir, for those who have clear focus with a clear view upon your first tenure and the steps taken so far by your administration can vividly ascertain the way your outstanding government is providing the requisite dividend of democracy.

Your Excellency, I am writing this letter in connection to the Local Government administration in Borno State and the positive steps to be taken by your administration to make a common man like me at the grassroot to enjoy the requisite needs through the local government arm of government.

Sir, I have to state clearly that I am your strong and committed loyalist, despite all the negative ways your administration is been perceived currently by your critics due to the action and inaction of some local government caretaker chairmen, I still remain committed loyalist to your administration, hopping things will surely go well at the end of the tunnel.

Your Excellency, as a committed and an adherent supporter of the progressive politicking, I write this letter because if the present local government administrators in Borno continue handling the affairs of their respective constituencies, they will drag your administration's image far below redemption level by the time the 2019 election comes, they will leave you with a negative and unenviable legacy.

Sir, it is on record that some of the LG Chairmen have became local super-heroes without any guiding ideological baseline neither good financial management despite the dwellings in the oil sector nor a guiding people oriented principles but as 'Yes men' to some geriatric autocrats who called themselves close associate or godfathers.

Your Excellency, it goes without saying that as a Governor, you are doing your best in terms of developing the state infrastructure, but coming down to the LG Chairmen, near-zero achievements were recorded in some of the local governments.

Sir, despite the economic meltdown and low internally generated revenue (I.G.R), we have seen in other part of the country were LG Chairmen planned and implement laudable programmes for the purpose of the teeming populace, but some of our LG administrators in Borno have became lying tools without fulfilling promises through becoming hiding flies far away in Kano, Kaduna, Gombe and Bauchi respectively in which the masses at the grassroot cannot even access them talkless of solving their problems, despite warning them not to leave the state without your consent.

Your Excellency, what does it cost to sink a borehole to provide portable drinking water? What does it cost to rehabilitate dams in some localities to pave away for irrigation activities in those localities? What does it cost to reconstruct rural roads for easy access to the markets for the villagers? What does it cost to pay SSCE/JAMB registration fees to students? Sir, the need are endless, with the kind of convoys some of this LG Chairmen gather while visiting their respective constituency feeling like micro governors, they can even use the funds they use in fuelling those cars to execute some of the aforementioned projects, but they have become a caricature of modern administration.

Sir, it may interest you to note that achieving the millennium development goals going by the way our LG government are being administered is nearly impossible, majority of the population leaves in the rural areas aside the internally displaced persons (IDPs) who leave in various refugee camps, and the only close government they can call their own is the local government, but when things are not being done efficiently and effectively, the poor masses are left with nothing they could call their own in terms of Local Government governance.

Your Excellency, we are blessed with knowledgeable and capable people in our state but primordial objectives have prevented some of the local government chairmen from planning, strategizing and implementing what will benefit the common man.

Sir, the people of Borno are known for their intellectual capability, but now, our educational standard has progressively declined due to the phenomenon of terrorism we faced in Borno, handedness as seen from some of our local government chairmen who should haven given priority to developmental projects instead of low level flash over.

In order to redeem your battered image and reputation, I will advise Your Excellency to either conduct LG government election and allow the masses to vote for the candidate of their choice or a sustainable review should be made in terms of those who are outstanding and transparent in service to humanity to serve as LG administrators as the tenure of the present ones ends soonest.

Sir, administratively, conducting local government election will assist you a lot in shedding the unnecessary burden of controlling the state and it's 27 Local Governments, even your critics will stop blaming you for the inability of someone to discharge his duties diligently.

At the end, Your Excellency, this people you appoint to serve as Local government administrators felt to understand that, appointing them into that position is like a mother midwifed to deliver a child and nurture him to adulthood, by inference, a political appointee who helps in causing problem to the person that appointed him by not performing well is not better than a child who beats his mother.

Thank you for your usual understanding, in anticipation of your positive response and subsequent urgent action.

Comr Shettima Umar Comradeshettimaumar@gmail.com