Re: Eleven persons likely to succeed Gov. Shettima in 2019

Photo: Malam Abuy Abba Akhuwa



Three days ago, Maiduguri based online news medium Yerwa Express News conducted an online poll for 'who's like to succeed governor Kashim Shettima in 2019'. Unarguably, it'll be said to be the first online poll to ever witnessed in Borno. The publication got a wider publicity because of the current intense in our political space on who may likely be the successor to Governor Kashim Shettima come 2019.

I, like many others, didn't hinder or hesitate to click on the link to enable me see the likely face of our next presumed governor. One unusual thing I've noticed on the list of the candidates is not of the fact that the faces are all familiar and not unconnected with the rumor being widely peddled in town about the potential aspirants; or the faces of some who are already running a behind the scene or a low key or underground consultation nursing their ambition, but the focus by the website to concentrate only on APC aspirants, rather than, including opposition even though considering their slim chances of scaling through.

Again, what the online news medium failed to mention is that the presumption was solely based on 'who's likely to clinch the APC ticket' and be the flag bearer of the ruling party with a huge chance of winning; and, even though with a poor record of achievements after TWO tenures; the party is still maintaining its ground and momentum because of invincible and lack of viable opposition in the state. But, alas, only the voters decides who takes home the INEC certificate-of-return as it's not a strange thing in Borno for the mighty to fall. Because the mighty has once fallen!

Again, YEN sidelined some powerful opposition figures from the state because of what can simply be described as lack of faith on our democracy; which by far means and truth, the opposition, are the trending faces in the state dominating the heart of many because of the treachery being meted on the people for a while now by the status quo.

As an indigenous paper, with the aim of promoting common man interest and checkmating gov't accountability and transparency, YEN should lend a voice amplifier to the opposition to make the political sphere tightly competitive and this alone will give the newspaper a prestige and in the eyes of public for safeguarding not only our democracy, but providing a platform that maybe be the resurrection of Borno from its current doom and deep slumber.

Also, the fact that all (excluding one or two) of the potential 'likely' aspirants listed are almost part and parcel of what constitute the present calamity that befall us in the name governance running in the state, and, almost each one of them contributed immensely to our failure as a state in recent years- only that there are some repentance faces that are likely to supposed to be giving a benefit of the doubt of being transformed to true absents of CHANGE!

Undoubtedly, I give YEN the benefit of doubt that they erroneously did the selection based on party line- and not a foreseeable 'likeliness' from the side of the masses and commend them for giving accurate informations on the candidates profile- which makes it more transparent.

As for the opposition aspiring candidates, YEN would've gathered a hundred names if it made a ten minutes research in getting to know them.