Is #BornoTafiJamiyya heading for suicide?


My dear Bornolites, I'm certain this headline may come as a shock to many because of my usual stand on defense with the movement- for the sole purpose of crushing the enemy of my enemy- together with the BornoTafiJamiyya's comrades. But, don't be, because my covenant with you people for saying 'something as it is' or how 'it is supposed to be done' is still much alive and unshaken.

But, sincerely, what the movement did last week was unprecedented and unfair to the movement itself; in taking concerned Bornolites citizens by surprise announcing their formal defection to the People's Democratic Party (PDP), which, to my analysis- is tantamount to losing sympathizers and think-tank citizens that engage with them regularly on the development of Borno, simply because those people are allergic to anything political party but are more addicted to ideas and like-mind, because of similarities of purpose.

Similarly, on the opposite side of the divide that remain active or inactive opposition so far in Borno, have joined, alienated or associated themselves with the movement because of the said reason; the 'enemy of my enemy is my friend'. However, as the movement is enjoying a momentum and acceptance because of the norm and the principles it was built upon, activists, social justice and good governance advocates endorsed many of the movements' action against the state gov't policies that aren't in tandem with the reality on ground or in voicing out criticisms that are so much alike with such category of people.

If, by any chance BornoTafiJamiyya consulted a 'noisemaker' like me (who has no electoral value or influence, but only noise making on social media) on the right step to to feet on and sought for some modalities to woo more admirers before formally joining any political party, I'd had give them a perfect strategy; which is to continue with the movement's slogan without adopting any political party until they gather attentions and supports of all like-minds, conquered the already divided oppositions and uniting the voters against the cabal that held the state on ransom for a while before embarking on such a one lane highway- or better still, allow the people to decide a platform for them to set a new form of transparency in our political system.

Yes, I'm aware of the fact that 2019 is fast approaching as well as they made a wide consultations from experts before finally reached to that decision. And, the fact that preparation for any political party or any individual interested in participating or vying for a seat in the forthcoming elections- has to be started by now or never is indisputable; but, ours in Borno, considering the weak and dilapidated opposition we have, would be hard to inject a revamping syringe into them so easily or so soon, that will reset their thinking faculty to begin acting like oppositions and not spectators.

Moreover, with the many factions and groups of PDP members we have in Borno that some were even accused of conniving with the ruling party to manipulate elections; there are some old members that are still living with the vague mentality of the party's 'ownership' in the state- a PDP nationwide habit that cut across all states- and dictates every move for any newcomer (though I'm sure it'll be difficult to rob Grema Terab of his conscience at the expense of any valued or juicy reward). This splinted groups, may somehow negatively affect any chance of survival for BornoTafiJamiyya's misadventure to the new party because of the fear of which faction to align with- while in the process, losing in-house admirers and unknowingly creating an in-house political foes that does damage more than the outside enemies.

To be frank, and not to be economical with the truth, PDP is already a taboo in almost every region of the country except the southeast, but some people in other regions including the northeast still sympathize and manage to stand with them in most occasion for the simple reason of nurturing our 'baby' democracy; and lack of an alternative and consistent opposition to alienate with; just like how the APC rode to power because of comparative analysis and lack of alternatives.

The same thing is happening in Borno, because Bornolites are not only irked by our Gomina's incompetency and cluelessness, but are irate with the formation of the state leadership hierarchy structure and the insensitive figures manning the system. The only problem Bornolites are facing now is lack of a reliable, formidable, trustworthy, dependent, and a consistent opposition figure or a party that they can rely upon for salvation; a test that Grema Terab was supposed to pass for the time being in order to build himself a household name and as well be the easiest way to undo all the shenanigans currently in the system.

But, as for this adventure, it remain to be seen what fruit it'll yields as only time shall tell.

Una good morning o!

Barka da Sallah.

Malam Abuy Abba Akhuwa writes in from Sudan